Microtopping Floors

 A seamless and original design can be achieved with Microtopping® on any surface. Any surface can be transformed and given a distinctive look with Microtopping® from Ideal Work. It only takes a touch of inspiration 3 mm thick to create a surface that enhances the surrounding environment. This versatile finish can be applied to a variety of surfaces (concrete, all types of tile, wood, metal, etc.) without the need to resurface them due to the Advanced Technology and versatile primers used.


Microtopping® is highly resistant to temperature changes and color degradation caused by ultraviolet light. Microtopping® from Ideal Work is characterized by its significant ease of cleaning and low maintenance requirements. Microtopping®'s very nature allows for an efficient and fast installation that is minimally disruptive, which makes it an excellent choice for any surface that needs to be renovated.


No matter your taste, whether you like a modern minimalist design, a classic, a rustic, or a vintage look – Microtopping floors offers you the ultimate custom finish. There are countless shades and finishes available with Microtopping®, from clouds or acid stains to matte or high gloss, the choices are endless.

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