Acid Stained

 Acid stain is quite possibly Duphill's most vibrant floor finish because of its inconsistent shades, metallic effects, and entangling veins. The key to your floor finish being bespoke, unparalleled, always different, and always stunning is regardless of the style you choose, vintage or contemporary.

Acid stained floors are indeed handcrafted according to the designer and end user's specifications. It is made with acids from metallic salts that react with the concrete and free lime to produce a unique and long-lasting variegated look. Its acid stains mimic the look of natural stones or deteriorated paintings, resulting in vibrant, rustic or radiant effects. The result is an unmatched finish that cannot be duplicated with any other coating.

The penetrative properties of acid-stained surfaces make them superior to other traditional paints or coatings, as they form a monolith. In essence, Duphill concrete provides a decorative, acid-effect finish that is more durable and abrasion-resistant. The materials do not peel, spoil, crack or fade.

It is possible to acid stain a horizontal or vertical surface. Acid stain is a great solution for designers looking to create bespoke, unforgettable spaces.

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